Writing Believable Dialogue / Dialogue Mechanics (for Fiction)
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Since the reader has only the words on the page to go by, a fiction writer needs every dialogue passage concisely written and correctly punctuated for how it must be HEARD when read.


Whether writing spoken, internalized, or telepathic dialogue, this fiction writing course material will give you a comprehensive look at the various aspects of dialogue and how to present it for a reader - all of which adds drama and provides action in a story or scene. The course gives you a solid foundation to:

●  Effectively write spoken dialogue to show, not tell

●   Understand the "mechanics" of punctuation, grammar, beats, tags, and stage business that make dialogue realistic

●   Give each of your characters a distinct narrative voice using dialect, diction, vocabulary, and syntax

●   Use dialogue to foreshadow, enhance your story's pace, add urgency, and intensify drama

●   Learn the 6 types of internalizations and their appropriate applications

●   Become aware of blunders to avoid

You also get secrets, tips, and tricks to write dialogue that sounds authentic to a reader

Act now!  Pay only $45  - a bargain for a course that contains 4 sections (92 pages) of material plus 5 bonus handouts. 

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This is not a one-on-one course  —  inquire if you wish to convert this to a one-on-one course at  catherine@catherineEmclean.com and get real-time feedback on your work.

 Please note that this course is for writers who have completed one or more manuscripts.

This material was developed by author and writing instructor Catherine E. McLean for her online and in-person writer's workshops. This course is offered, published, and distributed exclusively through Rimstone Concepts.

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Writing Believable Dialogue / Dialogue Mechanics (for Fiction)

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